The Alien Obsessives: Mum Dad and the Kids
by artist Yinka Shonibare transforms the archetypal image of convention; the nuclear family, into Aliens.
Based on popular images of aliens, Yinka Shonibare has created two alien families made from African cloth, a fabric that the artist has used previously to represent his questioning of hibridity and identity. His work was shown at the Saatchi Sensation exhibition.

To accompany the alien families a silver spaceship against a backdrop of 1950’s science fiction films like Howard Hawk’s ‘The Thing’, adds humour to what is a serious commentary on Contemporary multicultural Britain and is a personal response to human alienation and created difference, a popular cultural expression of “otherness”
Shonibare’s current projects include ‘Diary of a Victorian Dandy’, on the London Underground in October, commissioned by the Institute of International Visual Arts and a solo exhibition at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham in February next year, and Kunsthalle in Dussoldorf in May/June. The artist has also been awarded The Paul Hamlyn Foundation, New Visual Arts Award.

‘Alien Obsessives; Mum Dad and the Kids’ is a collaboration with the Tabernacle Gallery and has been sponsored by the Arts Council of England and Eastern Arts Board.