The new exhibition at the Norwich Gallery showcases work by students at Norwich School of Art and Design (NSAD). The exhibition is an ideal opportunity for our local audience to find out more about NSAD which has been established in the city for over 150 years.

The Norwich Gallery has taken a fresh approach by inviting groups of students from each course to choose work by other students. The artworks were chosen to reflect their own experience of being at Art School.

It shows that NSAD is a place where their ideas can be developed, exchanged and made real. Some students are already working with commercial companies. Mini biographies about each artist show the multitude of routes by which they arrived at NSAD. Anyone thinking about studying art or design is especially welcome to come to meet students and be inspired.
Visitors to the exhibition first encounter Edith Barry’s giant packet of seeds, symbolising the focus on home grown talent! TV monitors show animation and video work. The animated sequences include playful investigations into the mind’s eye by Alice Lee, Caroline Parsons and others, whilst Matthew Noel Tod’s double video piece remakes a classic short film by Vittorio de Sica, giving it an unexpected twist of humour. Turn a corner and Jon Clarke’s interactive sculpture creates soothing ripple effects with light and water, projected against the gallery wall. A print by Tony Prince fuses the historical with the contemporary in a provocative social comment. Also look out for Liz Arno’s enigmatic pair of stockings suspended from the ceiling. Students from the Cultural Studies course will be present in the gallery as part of a living, working installation.