A collaboration between artists Rebecca Fortnum Beth Harland Louisa Minkin and Jim Mooney and writers Yve Lomax Ben Richards and Steve Waters.

The exhibition is about reading images and reading texts: exploring how images function as texts and the ways in which texts furnish us with images.
Four artists have produced a body of work over a year. The work is in the manner of a dialogue taking its form from responses to material exchanged between each other. The receipt of work was followed by the passing on of a response to the next participant until a chain of works developed. The result includes a diverse range of photographs, text, paintings, objects and found material.
A publication, Book From The Reading Room documents the process of this project. With essays from Yve Lomax Ben Richards and Steve Waters All work in different fields: criticism, literature, theory and drama and respond to the artists’ initiatives and ideas generated by this project. The book explores issues of intertextuality, containing textual essays, an image essay and images brought into subtle, abrasive relationship with text. The book is a work in its own right.

The gallery has been transformed into a ‘reading room’, incorporating seating to create a conducive space in which to read/view the material.