This exhibition of the work of Janis Jefferies includes two pieces of work separated by almost 20 years. The Greenham Common Tapestry was started in 1984 in support of the Women’s Peace Camp’s continuing protest against the deployment of US cruise missiles. The tapestry has not been shown since the Subversive Stitch exhibition in 1988. The main installation of new work is a series of digitally produced images, recomposed through photo-shop, some printed on both sides of large panels of fine, starched, white linen, and one jacquard woven piece. Australia. This is her first solo show in the UK. The photographic sources are taken from institutional interiors in various stages of abandonment; material remnants, laundry and factory bundles dissolve into cloth and image.

Janis Jefferies has been working in art Textiles since 1974. She is Director of Postgraduate Studies in Textiles, Department of Visual Arts, Goldsmiths College. She has exhibited in Europe, Canada and