This personal selection of photographs by Gerhard Stromberg begins with the idea that photography is now in the position painting was with the invention of photography. We now look at pictures and it does not matter if it is a photograph or a painting. Memory and place are part of the reasons a photograph matters. The photograph is directly connected with the life of the artist and of the photographer.

Gerhard Stromberg has been living in England since 1986. He studied with Bernd Becher and Nam June Paik at Düsseldorf Academy. He is currently a visiting lecturer at Exeter School of Art and Harvard University. He had a successful exhibition of his photographs at Entwistle, London in July 1999, and will be showing work at Berlin Kunstforum and in New York City.
Bernd and Hilla Beche
Richard Billingham
Thomas Joshua Cooper
Edward S. Curtis
Robin Dance
Adam Davies
Mark Edward
Jimmy Forsyth
Luigi Ghirri
Frances Kearney
Jan Koster
David Lamelas
Fabrizio Panattoni
Albert Smith
Graham Smith
Jem Southam
Gerhard Stromberg
Thomas Struth
Petra Wunderlich.