The artist writes: "The title of this exhibition Presences Absences encapsulates the developments in my ideas and processes which underpin this series of work. The earlier paintings, from which this series stems, were drawn from my family collection of 'snaps' taken over that family's life time. These photos appear posed and formalised. Each family member, apart from the very small children, seemed to have put on their best side to present themselves to the photographer and to the world. The idea of performing one's own history, indeed constructing and enacting the self as a product of identifications with others (also double identifications, projections and misrecognitions of ourselves in others) is a theme that dominates this series of paintings. The constructed nature of the painting surface, the use of found images from old photographs, film melodramas and textiles remnants taken from the 1940s and 1950s seeks to place the work as a nostalgic reference to a time when my mother, with whom I strongly identified, was in her prime. It is an attempt to engage with issues of loss and memory in that the past is evasive, fragmentary and almost impossible to reconstitute in the present."