Susan Tuckett’s work is informed by the textile artefacts and images of cloth in non-domestic environments she has collected over the past twenty years. Responding to text and illustrations in books on needlework and domestic science Tuckett’s work acknowledges the emotional content in women’s work and art and examines the difficulty of this involvement in domestic and public spheres.

Susan Tuckett has developed her practice as textile artist in tandem with her career in arts education. She has participated in exhibitions at The Midlands Arts Centre Birmingham, The Contemporary Textile Gallery London and more recently, The Netherlands Textile Museum Tilburg. Susan Tuckett joined Norwich School of Art and Design in 1996 as Director of Academic Affairs and was appointed as Principal in May 2001.

Dr Mirjam Southwell, of Goldsmiths College, London has written of her work:

There is an ambivalence, the coexistence of contradictory emotions in [Tuckett’s] work, in [her] rationalising of the why and wherefore of process and outcome. Valuing women’s work in the home when in a senior management position outside the domestic environment; valuing the craft of textiles but not wanting to get too involved in the making”. Tuckett’s work reflects on the tension between domestic and professional life offering a narrative with no beginning or end.