Andrew Logan’s Alternative Miss World 1972 to 2002 Films

There have been ten Alternative Miss World competitions since its inception thirty years ago, and each one has been filmed. The 11th Alternative Miss World will take place in London in November 2002. The project involves many artists from the filmmakers, Jack Hazan, Derek Jarman to the two most recent films by Rebel Penfold Russell.

Andrew Logan will transform the gallery into a cinema with original gilt and plush cinema seating and specially crafted curtains to be made by textile students in Norwich, and a display of the crowns, orbs and sceptres he has designed for each event. There is a full archive of still photographs of the AMW by legendary still photographers such as Mick Rock. Bruce Lacey will renovate his Robot Miss Rosa Bosom as the ‘live’ usherette.
Over the years the participants have included Derek Jarman, Divine, Leigh Bowery, Bruce Lacey and Jason Perry, and the judges have included David Hockney, Zandra Rhodes, Ned Sherrin and Sonja Ruddock The AMW is a history of craft, performance, fashion, live art, film, photography and fine art.

The exhibition Dispatch will contextualise the work of Logan in an international tradition that runs from Jean Cocteau’s films, to the Happenings of Allen Kaprow, Oldenburg’s Store, Jack Smith’s Flaming Creatures and Andy Warhol’s Factory, the Cockettes in San Francisco, General Idea’s Art Metropole and File magazine’s Oscars and Jean Christoph Armann’s Transformer. All these fine art projects influenced, and were influenced by, the modern development of Carnival from Rio to Notting Hill, from Sydney to Brighton.
One of the roots of the AMW is the individuals and culture around Butler’s Wharf that inspired Derek Jarman’s film Jubilee 25 years ago. The Punk movement, for many radicals and young people, has been misunderstood, but never superseded as a modernist position. The AMW parallels in the theatre the development of the Rocky Horror Show hence the involvement of Richard O’Brien.

There are no books on Andrew Logan, and there has been no theoretical writing around the phenomenon or the AMW. Andrew Logan undercuts these ideas saying the inspiration for the Alternative Miss World was Crufts Dog Show.