An exhibition of artists’ work for 7”vinyl

In an age of digital downloads, mp3 and 3 inch CD’s, the vinyl single still persists. Proof of an independent spirit and a genuinely more efficient container of sound than current digital alternatives, it has been kept alive by experimentalists, nostalgists and artists against all commercial pressures to kill it off. To encourage the continued use of this superior sonic platter, Work & Leisure International has commissioned 3 limited edition singles by contemporary artists and curated Band Wagon Jumping, an exhibition of recent work by artists who have used this 7” format to explore time-based action or document a live event.

With microphones positioned inside and outside of the building, Matt Wand recorded the demolition of a block of high rise flats, producing a work that is both a social document and quite literally musique concrete. Richard Hylton, David Mackintosh and Martin Vincent as the art-rock power trio Die Kunst have produced the double A side, slow & quiet & fast & loud. By recording one side in an anechoic (no-echo) chamber and the other in a reverberation room, they were able to reach decibel levels equivalent to that of a jet engine and subtleties as delicate as a butterfly’s wing. Using the rotation of the record itself as inspiration Hayley Newman has recorded the sounds of unwieldy brass instruments being played on various fairground roundabouts with microphones placed in a range of positions

These commissioned works are exhibited alongside existing pieces such as Susan Philipsz’s The Internationale, a recording of the artist singing solo, the anthem of international socialism, acappella; Ceal Floyer’s Glass a suitably minimal one sided, clear vinyl edition and Jonty Semper’s recording of the minute silence broadcast at Princess Diana’s memorial service. Band Wagon Jumping is accompanied by commissioned texts that will be published as a box set with the three commissioned singles.

David Bellingham
Ceal Floyer
Die Kunst
Laurence Lane
Christian Marclay
Hayley Newman
Susan Philipsz
Janek Schaefer
Jonty Semper
Matt Wand

Die Kunst Oh Baby (0:31)