50 videos selected by international artist-run spaces and collectives"

"Old habits die hard" is an exhibition-in-progress, where international artists-run spaces and collectives around the world are invited to particpate.
By utilising existing networks, spaces and collectives are asked to select an artist video, which will become part of the exhibition. Some participants include : Instant Coffee from Toronto, Canada / VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo from Tokyo / Blue Oyster Gallery from Dunedin New Zealand / Dirt Palace from Providence, USA / Signal from Malmö, Sweden / The Danger Museum from Norway/Japan / Mercer Union from Toronto, Canada / Message Salon from Zürich, Switzerland / Tranmission from Glasglow, Scotland / Platform from Finland.

"Old habits die hard" can be seen as a necessary trigger for updating audiences about the presence and work of these spaces and collectives. In line with our work at Sparwasser HQ, "Old habits die hard" seeks to connect people and platforms together for exhibition opportunities and peer support, in a bid to be less dependent on insitutional situations offered by museums and cultural bodies.

"Old habits die hard" relies on the context of how these artist-run spaces and collectives exist and how they select the video. This would inevitably express the content building process, that will be evident within the exhibition.

Organized by Sparwasser HQ
Heman Chong, Lise Nellemann, Louise Witthoeft

Teresa Andrew (left)
touch me - not / 2003 / 13'
Blue Oyster, Dunedin, New Zealand

Duncan Campbell (right)
Falls Burns Malone Fiddles / 2003 / 30'
Transmission, Glasgow, Scotland

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