Mark Beasley's multidisciplinary career was germinated during the late 1980s as a member of various bands signed to local Birmingham labels. Now with an established international reputation as an artist-curator. His Stanley Picker Fellowship project Hey, Hey Glossolalia: Puff, Puff and Hatchet (Volume one) involves researching and developing a film project fusing his diverse interests in contemporary music, the visual arts and critical discourse, culminating in an exhibition, a national touring project a catalogue with special edition DVD.
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7.30 Mark Beasley
From Vout to Grindcore
Talks about the use of spoken language in his work

8.00 Mark Titchner
Talks about the use of written language in his work

9.00 Der Schwerpunk
Live Home grown Hip-Hop-Tech-Folk
Full Set QuickTime movie
Extract (Feed the Soldiers) QuickTime movie