Keiji Aiuchi
Naomi Nakagaki
Isao Nakamura
Kyoko Sawanobori

Four contemporary Japanese artists will be showing new work.Two of the artists, Keiji Aiuchi and Isao Nakamura, will be making new work for the exhibition. Nakamura will be working with digital photography and Aiuchi will be working with video on the streets of the city. Their work with new technology is appropriate at Norwich School of Art and Design, which is currently developing new courses in digital and new media.

This exhibition comes in the second year of LOCUS, an ongoing collaboration with Asagaya College of Art and Design Tokyo. While last year's exhibitions in Tokyo and Norwich, 'On the Left Side', referenced the idea of location as identifying similarities and differences between the two institutions and cultures, the processes involved in this new exhibition suggest a fragmentation of familiar structures.

'Dislocation' implicates the ceaseless personal and cultural shifts that characterise a creative and evolving community. By disconnecting the joints of our time and space, by slightly shifting the conventions of national, regional and cultural traditions, we may be able to see more clearly what we have rejected and excluded from our established locations. 'Dislocation' doesn't mean completely breaking with what has been established, it means shifting location by grafting new elements to it.

Two NSAD-based artists, Marie-Claire Isaaman and Carl Rowe, will be exhibiting work for 'Dislocation' at Visions Gallery, Tokyo in May and June 2005.

Supported by The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation