Horace Ové was Born in 1939, Horace Ové is internationally known as one of the leading black independent filmmakers to emerge in Britain since the post-war period. His feature film, Pressure, was the first black feature film to be made in the UK, his 1970 documentary Reggae, the first in-depth documentary on black music and reggae. His film career has produced such diverse films as Baldwin's Nigger (1969), Skateboard Kings (1978) which takes an in-depth look at the phenomenon at its height in the 1970s, A Hole In Babylon (1979), Who Shall We Tell? (1985) about the Bhopal gas disaster, Playing Away (1986), The Professionals and The Orchid House (1991).

Alongside his film career Ové has worked extensively as a photographer all over the world beginning in his native Trinidad, during the 1960s and 1970s covering social and political events in the UK as well as chronicling the birth and growth of the Notting Hill Carnival up to today. He has had several exhibitions, 'Breaking Loose' at The Photographer's Gallery, 'Farewell to the Flesh', focussing on Carnival in Trinidad and Britain, at The Cornerhouse in Manchester, 'The Black Triangle', a British Council exhibition which travelled the Caribbean and, in 2005, a major retrospective of his social and political works entitled 'Pressure', which has been shown throughout Britain.

Twelve of his portraits were purchased as part of the permanent exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery and were exhibited in 2004. In summer 2005 at The Whitechapel Gallery Ové's pictures of Michael X and members of The Black Power Movement featured as part of 'The Back to Black' exhibition and the Barbican featured a retrospective of Ové's films and photographs.

'What I try to capture is the reality of a moment in a person's life that attracts my eye and mind, as well as their thoughts and inner feelings which are reflected in their face and body language and not just a pose for the camera'. Horace Ové

Horace Ové talks 2.11.05
2.30pm NSAD Duke Street Lecture Theatre

Film Screenings Thursdays at 5pm
Norwich Gallery admission free
3 November Baldwin’s Nigger 1968, 46 m. b/w
10 November Reggae 1971, 60m. b/w
24 November Pressure 1976, 120m. colour

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