Bujnowski is the Co-founder of the Ladnie Group in Krakow with Marek Firek, Marcin Maciejowski, Wilhelm Sasnal and Józef Tomczyk-Kurosawa. His work is about the philosophy of the object in a painting. He has developed the return to painting as an intelligent activity, questioning the status of painting and the value of a painting in relation to the value of its subject. He is also negotiating the authenticity of a painting and of a photograph.

His best known work is the self portrait painting that he photographed to use for a visa to the USA in 2004 and he then used the visa with the photograph of the painting to take flying lessons around New York. He studied in London at St Martins School of Art in 2000 and organised the exhibition, Cheap Art from Poland-Export where he showed work from his Painting-Objects Series, literally editions of paintings of Brick, Board and Videotapes.

In 2002 he made Whistler's Mother's Painting an edition of paintings of the painting on the wall in Whistler's original. Frames was a set of 19 paintings produced in editions as in IKEA. His series of paintings, Chocolate, using paint as chocolate for cakes and sweets, were made for hospitals and schools. The Last Saved was an edition of 8 bookstands, copies of the only piece of furniture preserved from the home of John Paul II in Wadowice. The latter touches the idea of the relic, that under pin western art. The Norwich exhibition will also include new work based on microscopic images that are such a part of the history of abstraction and of our contemporary fears of biological threats.

The catalogue for the exhibition Rafal Bujnowski: Painting published by Bunkier Sztuki Krakow and Kunstverein Düsseldorf 2005 is available from the Norwich Gallery price £10 plus £2 p&p.
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