Paul Hogarth
Cold War Reports
Ed. Lynda Checketts
John Cobb
Sculpture 1976-1988
Introd. by John McEwen.
Ed. Nick Webb
Derek Greaves
Forty From Ten
Text by
John Holden and
Peter Wheeler
Walter Sickert
Advice to Young Artists
Photocopied pamphlet
A Reputation Amongst Artists
Ed. and Introd. by Lynda Morris £6.00
Henry Tonks
and the ' Art of Pure Drawing
Ed. Lynda Morris
Brian Catling
Introduction by the artist
Patrick Sutherland
Visions of Albion
Essay by Dr Chris Mullen
Peter Greenham
Essays by Judy Egerton and Andrew Brighton. Interview with the artist by Lynda Morris £8.00
Nigel Henderson
Heads Eye Wyn
Essays by Nigel Henderson
and Dr Chris Mullen
Edward Middleditch
A Happy Eye
Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton
with John Stevens